Let’s face it, times have changed dramatically and continue to do so. Our Mother’s gave birth in a time that wasn’t open to natural childbirth at least not in this country. There weren’t many homebirths and breastfeeding was done in a closet. The last thing you would do would be to hire a postpartum Doula to help you! You had Mom or Grandmother to lend you a hand. They would change a diaper and feed the baby a bottle of formula.

               Nowadays many women are waiting to have children. They want to be    financially stable and get there careers of the ground before entering the diaper zone. Now there parents are getting older and may live a distance away and therefore are not able to help you……so now what??

          This is where I come in. I am a certified postpartum Doula who is trained in many areas from breastfeeding to baby care. I would come to your home and support you and your partner in everything you need to know about having and caring for your newborn. By building your confidence and allowing you and your partner both to get comfortable in your new roles as parents miracles begin to happen!

          When you begin to hear things like “Are you sure the baby is getting enough milk?”  ”Maybe you should give the baby a bottle of formula “You will be able to respond with confidence because you did your homework and hired a doula who taught you the correct way to breastfeed and to trust that knowledge. Although family means well…… times HAVE changed! We no longer allow babies to just” cry it out. “We are there to love and respond to our newborns cries. It is there only way to let us know something is bothering them. They may be too hot or too cold or they just need to be held and cuddled for a bit. Babies love to gaze into their Mommy and Daddy’s eyes.

         Parenting today is more hands on than ever before. Dads are jumping into birthing tubs and reminding Mom to just breathe and soon our baby will be here. They are observing Mom while she breastfeeds and reminding her to make sure the baby’s position is correct. It truly is a beautiful sight to see Dad’s so involved! My role as a Doula is to support both of you as you journey through the early weeks of parenting.