Postpartum Doula Services


  • The postpartum doula encourages the new mother as she develops self-confidence and trust in her own innate ability to parent and nurture her child.


  • The father in developing his own parenting style also encouraging him to follow his instincts.


  • In fostering the bond between both parents and newborns.


  • Supports the mother during breastfeeding techniques, offering guidance and referral resources if needed.


  • Assesses and fosters postpartum recovery enabling her mind, body, and spirit to heal. Referral to appropriate medical intervention when and if necessary.


  • Helps the new family by preparing light nutritious meals and doing light housekeeping.


  • And assists in gentle infant massage.

Caring Support in Your Home to Foster Your Parenting and Transition Home

As a doula, I believe helping women through their childbearing years as a mentor and assistant is an ancient tradition. Years ago, women had their Mothers and Grandmothers at their side giving love and support during the postpartum period. This is no longer the case. Many women are waiting later in life to begin a family or live far away from any family support. Some women have chosen to have a career first and then settle down to be a parent. Either way support is needed.

Every woman has the right to a normal, natural birth process. The human body has an innate ability to give birth……we just need to allow the process to unfold. If every woman had a doula to come home to there would be far less chance of postpartum depression. The transition of being a couple to now being a family would be smoother and more rewarding.

I know women who choose to breastfeed will have a positive experience. Having a doula at their side stepping them through the process is going to give the mother and baby a better chance of success than if they were to try it on their own. Although breastfeeding is a natural process it does for many babies take time to master.

Bonding begins while the baby is in the womb. Every food you eat, every song you sing, every emotion you feel, is all being received by your baby. Make his or her experience be a positive one. So as you continue on this beautiful journey into motherhood and fatherhood always remember who you are and what you say and do will truly be a powerful influence in your baby’s life not only today but every day. You are his or her first teacher and role model.