Our Doula Services Produce Positive Results

When our premature twins finally came home from intensive care, it was an extraordinary happy, stressful, overwhelming, chaotic, and challenging time.

Suzanne came to our home and simply put saved us! She was calm, kind, completely competent, trustworthy, and patient. She was never overbearing but showed by example how to take care of my babies, my family, and myself at the same time. We intuitively trusted her. When our son went into respiratory distress, Suzanne was with us, Thank God, and was an enormous support during the moment of crisis and through the additional extremely difficult week, our son was hospitalized.

I am so grateful I had the good sense to hire her, and that she was part of our family during such a special time.

Julie T., Morristown, NJ

I knew before my baby was born that I wanted to breastfeed. Difficulties set in and Suzanne was right there by my side reassuring me and giving me concrete information to ensure I would breastfeed successfully.

Her calm reassuring, gentle manner was just what I needed. I now have a 100% breastfed baby! Thank You Suzanne!!

Sophie H. Dingmans Ferry, PA